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Our Drug Recovery Center in Atlanta, Georgia

Most households have had at least one incident that involved the abuse of a substance. Indeed, many people have suffered from impacts of drug addictions whether it was directly or through family members. Many underlying factors contribute to individuals engaging in substance abuse.


Drug addiction can have social impacts such as family break ups, children neglect, contacting infectious diseases, causing social-disorder; economic effects such as job loss and financial constraints; or psychological impacts such as trauma and depression. Our drug rehab center in Atlanta, Georgia exist to help people who are developing a dependency on a drug regain control of their lives once they visit our Atlanta substance abuse treatment facility.


What should you know about drug addiction?


The impacts of drug addiction are both personal and societal in nature. Combating drug abuse and addiction should be a communal duty as its impacts can spill out to those who do not abuse drugs but are feeling the effects indirectly. People affected indirectly include family members and the overall society.


Addiction occurs after a continuous abuse of substances leading to a state where the drug user can no longer have a normal life without using such drugs. It is more difficult for people addicted to drugs to terminate the substance use compared to drug users at their early stages of drug use without visiting a drug detox clinic.


It can be difficult to notice drug addiction in some users. Drug addiction sometimes can be difficult to notice if you are not careful. It is also not constrained to a specific gender, race, ethnicity, economic status, or nation but it has become a global problem and anybody can be affected.


The role of our rehabilitation centers

At our Atlanta addiction treatment center, Woodward Recovery provides the following services to our clients:


We provide detoxification services. We ensure people who enroll for our addiction recovery program have access to detoxification services as soon as possible. We also offer inpatient services to enable our clients to adapt to the withdrawal effects such as tremors, depression, and paranoia.


Our Atlanta addiction treatment facility offers diagnosis services. Drug addiction leaves drug users with psychiatric conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, emotional disorders, and depression. Our highly qualified personnel provide diagnosis for all these conditions and offer support to our clients to help them recover.


Access to therapy services at our Atlanta drug rehab facility: It is necessary to ensure that clients have access to all forms of therapy possible to allow them cope with the process of rehabilitation. Our clients have access to family therapy and cognitive therapy.


Our addiction recovery center in Atlanta offers a conducive environment. At all our rehab centers, you will have access to our experts on a 24/7 basis to facilitate quick recovery. Woodward Recovery also helps clients who have undergone successful rehabilitation to integrate seamlessly into their society.


What distinguishes NAME rehab centers from the rest?


At our addiction recovery facility in Atlanta, Georgia, we guarantee that we provide a comprehensive program that will help you during your rehabilitation. Our services are exceptional in terms of our friendly staff, healthy environment, and cost effectiveness. We provide personalized addiction recovery to our clients depending on levels of addiction and their emotional, physical, and social needs making it effective for each person.